Online Partial Discharge Monitoring for Transformer

Application: This System is designed to detect and localize Partial Discharge activity by correlating acoustic and electric sensors (HFCT & UHF) data. The AE-150 has many acquisition modes, each used for detecting and locating Partial Discharge activity in a transformer. The AE-150 unit is mounted on the transformer tank using its powerful magnets that also hold four acoustic sensors. Acquired data is sent to Mirador-Tx software where all advanced positioning functions are implemented. This cutting-edge software allows easy data interpretation and reporting.

Advantages of Acoustic Emission Technique
On-Line Non-Invasive Detects Activity in Real Time
Early Prediction Fault Location Quick Inspection
Highly Sensitive Permanent Record of Test Global Monitoring
Cost Reduction Focus Inspections Where They Provide Better Returns

Online Bushing Monitoring System (Online Tan Delta & Capacitance Measurement)

Application: Integrated diagnostic monitoring system for 110~330kV transformer insulation condition which is Very easy to integrate it into existing protection systems. Monitors bushing insulation based on the sum of currents method which usually Monitors PD caused by bushing and transformer insulation defects.

Also Monitors load current signals to detect critical winding deformation resulting from short circuits and Estimates an efficiency of the transformer cooling system.