Insulating Operating Sticks

Insulated Operating Sticks

Insulated Sticks

The Insulated Tubes for Electrical Safety Equipment are available in 2 types:

  • Hollow Tubes
  • Foam Filled Rods (as per IEC 855)

The Insulated operating sticks are manufactured in our plant using extrusion process. The extrusion is carried out under high pressure which ensures excellent mechanical properties and smooth surface finish. The sticks are coated with double (or more) coatings of Anti – Tracking Compounds which provide excellent surface finish and anti tracking properties.

For Foam Filled Rods special machine is used to fill foam with controlled density. The foam has a 'Closed Cell Structure' which prevents ingress of dust & moisture inside the rod and maintains excellent electrical properties throughout its life.

Insulated Sticks for Live Line Detectors / Discharge Rods and Portable Earthing Equipment

  • MAIN INSULATION : 'F' Class to IS, BS & IEC Specifications
  • DIMENSIONS OF MAIN POLE & EXTENSION HANDLES : 25 ID, 31 OD, 1250mm(main pole), 1450mm(extension handle).

Lengths of Insulated Sticks

  • MAIN POLE ONLY : 1.25m
  • MAIN POLE + 1 EXTN. HANDLE : 2.5m
  • MAIN POLE + 2 EXTN. HANDLE : 3.75m
  • MAIN POLE + 3 EXTN. HANDLE : 5.0m
  • MAIN POLE + 4 EXTN. HANDLE : 6.25m

The above Range Extension can be used to extend the System Voltage rating or to Extend the length of the system so as to reach more heights. Basic System is suitable for 33KV, Extension Handles are added to Extend the voltage ranges up to 66KV, 132KV, 220K, 420KV & 510KV. The system is extremely light in weight and is designed to be operated by a single person.