High Voltage Detector

High Voltage Detector: Model TP-S9

Hot Stick (Live Line Indicator) Model TP-S9

Hot Sticks or HT Power Testers are used to ascertain whether a High Voltage Installation or equipment is live or dead. Hot Sticks are essential safety equipment for engineers & technicians working in high voltage installations. Before any maintenance work can be carried out Hot stick must be used to ensure that the system is dead.

Hot Stick comprises of Capacitive Sensor Detector mounted on an Insulated Pole. Once the detector is taken in the vicinity (or in contact) of a charged High Voltage Object, the capacitive sensor detects the charge & gives Audible and Visual indication. The detector also has a Self Test Mode i.e. an inbuilt proving unit to check the health of the detector. Before and after every operation the detector must be checked usingthis mode for its health.

Technology Products offers Hot Sticks suitable for all system voltage i.e LT to 510KV in various Ranges. The detector is mounted on a main insulated pole suitable upto 33KV System Voltage, the range of which can be extended upto 510KV after adding adequate number of insulated Extension Handles. The key features of our Hot Sticks Model S9 are:

  • High Intensity Light & Sound Indication
  • Sensitivity Adjustment in several steps
  • Suitable for Indoor & Outdoor Operation
  • Range Extendible upto 765KV
  • Automatic Continuous Inbuilt Self Check
  • Universal “C” size Batteries (3 nos.) for long operation life
  • Universal Sunrise Connector
  • Type Tested from Recognized Laboratories