Primary & Secondary Current Injection Testing Sets

Primary Current Injection Testing Sets

Primary current injection kits are used to test and commission Circuit Breakers, Bus Bars, CTs, Relays, MCCs, PCCs etc. These are also used for high current injection and simultaneously measuring voltage drops and hot spots in bus-bar joints, Circuit Breaker Contacts etc.

Primary Current Injection Test Sets are available in current ratings from 500A to 10000A and in short time duty as well as continuous operation duty.

Controls are available in Automated as well as Manual versions. The automated controls also have features like CT ratio measurement etc.

Light weight portable kits of 1000A and 2000A with full load operation time of 3 minutes also available for field testing.

Secondary Current Injection Testing Sets

The Secondary Injection Test Sets are used to test static, attracted armature, induction type, thermal & directional relays & CTs etc. These are available in standard ratings from 30A to 200A. AC and DC Voltage outputs are also available as options. High resolution timer of 0.1mS and NO/NC relay interface are also provided for testing relays etc.