Winding Resistance Tester
The WRT-10 is a high performance winding resistance tester designed for Power Transformer and large motor applications.

Winding resistance testing is an important part of a power trans-former maintenance or a manufac-turing quality assurance program. Transformers & large motors are subject to vibrations, overloading and environments with large tem-perature variations. Winding resis-tance measurements can assure that the connections are made cor-rectly and that no opens or shorts are present. Tap changers of power transformers are a particu-larly critical element of a power system. The WRT is very effective in detecting Tap changer abnor-malities.
  • Power Transformers
  • Instrument Transformers
  • Voltage Regulators
  • Rotating Machines
WRT-10 Highlights
  • Rugged, highly regulated and filtered output current source for fast stabilized measurements
  • High Accuracy 0.25% of rdg
  • High resolution with 4 ½ display, 0.1μΩ
  • Large, Color LCD display.
  • Full QWERTY keyboard for easy onsite data entry.
  • Large internal memory
  • Results for each transformer are stored in a file along with the serial number and other details
  • Reporting software automatically generates a finished report from PC
  • Built-in thermal Printer
  • Automatic or Manual Remote Tap Changer circuit
  • Stabilized reading indicator
  • Protection against overvoltage Transients
  • Filtered Input channels eliminat-ing substation noises influence
  • Timed mode for logging heat run testing
  • Multi-language interface
  • Housing internal storage compartment for accessories or leads
The WRT-10 injects a DC current through the windings & measures the voltage drop. The instrument calculates the resistance R= E / I. The challenge in winding resistance measurements is that the voltage across an inductor is defined by V = L (di/dt), where L is the induc-tance of the winding & (di/dt) is rate of change of current. Therefore small changes in the current, as may be caused by ripple or poor regulation, can make it impossible to measure the DC resistance. The highly regulated and filtered current output of the WRT-10 allows for winding resistance measurements on very large power transformers.
Standard Accessories:
  • Test Leads (50 Ft / 15m)
  • Jumper Lead (30Ft / 9m)
  • Tap Changer Cables
  • Ground Cable
  • RS-232C Cable
  • USB Cable
  • PC Software
  • User Manual
Optional Equipment :
  • WRT Shipping Case
  • WRT Printer Paper Roll
  • Specific custom-made test clips
  • Specific Custom length test leads

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