Vacuum Circuit Breaker Bottle Test Sets
To test VCB Bottles we have developed a specialized Vacuum Bottle test Set. This is a portable microprocessor based equipment with in built 60KVDC source and controllers to test bottles at high voltage. The vacuum bottles can be tested just by drawing out the breakers (without even removing the bottle) in less than 5 minutes time.
Model VT-60 - For Testing Vacuum Bottles up to 33KV
INPUT 240V, 50Hz, 1 Phase AC
OUTPUT 0-60KV DC @ 2.5mA
METERING Digital KV & mA Meters Class 1.5
OUTPUT The output is available through a highly flexible HV Cable which can be directly connected to the vacuum bottle under test.
The leakage current passing through the vacuum bottle is monitored by a microprocessor which in turn indicates the condition of vacuum bottles. The threshold settings can be programmed (in the internal microprocessor) to suit different breaker types also.

Leakage current monitor & controllers are provided to test the health of bottles. The values of output voltage and leakage currents are displayed on Digital LED meters.
Model VT-35 - For testing vacuum bottles up to 11KV.
The specifications of this set are same as that of Model VT-60 above except for voltage rating
OUTPUT 0-35KV DC @ 2.0mA
Available in extra compact design weighing <15Kgs approx.
Mobel VT-60

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