Switchgear Analyser (SA 100RS)
Based on its successful SA100 Switchgear Analysers, Weis has developed a Reduced version without Screen (SA100RS) with fewer channels in half the size of chassis, providing a light weight, lower cost, robust switchgear test set for performance analysis on high, medium and low voltage circuit breakers with the options.

SA100R              : Standard version.
SA100R travel+  : 3 additional Travel channels.
In addition, Dynamic Timing of up to 1 break per phase is made available (external battery required per phase to provide constant current source).
Optional Items
Cable Sets -
A range of standard cable sets & special made cable sets are available on request.

Transducers -
A full range of transducers and universal mounting arms are available on request.

Transportation Cases -
Robust purpose made transportation cases are available for the complete range of products.
Data Management
Breaker Test & Analysis software is an essential 32-bit Windows™ database program that provides an easy to use operator interface for configuring & displaying the SA100RS test results in graphical and text report formats.
  • Operator interface for Regular (via Wizard) or Advanced users
  • Results automatically computed with feature to recalculate on configuration change of any existing test record
  • Graphical display of captured waveforms with measurement cursors
  • Standard or user defined report format
  • Archiving of all tests and configurations
  • Fingerprint comparison on all channels (grey zone checking)
BTA software runs on a standard IBM compatible PC with a 32-bit Windows™ operating system. This permits the transportation of test records to a regular office based or portable computer.

The display and printing of a report can be fully customised to include logo’s, in-house styles, text phrases and results format, thus eliminated the need to manually complete a written form in most cases.
Graphical Features
  • Zoom - Time Base
  • Zoom - Amplitude
  • Cursors - Measured Value & Time
  • Colours - Traces & Background
  • Font - Text Style & Size
  • Print - Screen as Displayed
  • Add Calculated Channels
  • Combine Test Records - Overlay Traces
  • Select Pre-defined Display Setups
Advanced Analysis
  • Acceleration Trace Computed from Travel
  • Velocity Trace computed from Travel
  • All Graphical View Features Supported
Report Features
  • Customise which Results are shown
  • Edit Headings
  • Change Font - Text Style, Size & Colour
  • Select Pre-defined Report Setups
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