Switchgear Analyser (SA 100R)
Based on advanced features of its successful SA100 Switchgear Analyser, Weis has enhanced the Reduced version, SA100R, of its robust switchgear test set for performance analysis on high, medium and low voltage circuit breakers with the options.
SA100R              : Standard version.
SA100R dynamic : Dynamic Timing of up to 1 break per phase
                            with 3 x 20A constant current outputs.
SA100R travel+   : 3 additional Travel channels.
Breaker Test & Analysis software is an essential 32-bit Windows™ database program that provides an easy to use operator interface for configuring & displaying the SA100R test results in graphical and text report formats.

BTA software runs on a standard IBM compatible PC with a 32-bit Windows™ operating system. This permits the transportation of test records to a regular office based or portable computer.

The display and printing of a report can be fully customised to include logo’s, in-house styles, text phrases and results format, thus eliminated the need to manually complete a written form in most cases.
Optional Items
Cable Sets -
A range of standard cable sets & special made cable sets are available on request.

Transducers -
A full range of transducers and universal mounting arms are available on request.

Transportation Cases -
Robust purpose made transportation cases are available for the complete range of products.
Graphical Features
  • Zoom - Time Base
  • Zoom - Amplitude
  • Cursors - Measured Value & Time
  • Colours - Traces & Background
  • Font - Text Style & Size
  • Print - Screen as Displayed
  • Add Calculated Channels
  • Combine Test Records - Overlay Traces
  • Select Pre-defined Display Setups
Advanced Analysis
  • Acceleration Trace Computed from Travel
  • Velocity Trace computed from Travel
  • All Graphical View Features Supported
Report Features
  • Customise which Results are shown
  • Edit Headings
  • Change Font - Text Style, Size & Colour
  • Select Pre-defined Report Setups

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