SF6 Gas Leak Detector
The automatic Halogen / SF Gas Leak Detector is an 6 easy to use instrument for detecting leakages of Halogen / SF gasses. The sensing tip is mounted on a 6 flexible pipe so that it can be bent to reach inaccessible places. A micro pump sucks gas / air samples through this pipe while testing leakages in pipes, joints, coupling, welding, brazing etc., in high voltage circuit breakers, condenser coils, refrigeration plants, cables, gas lines, SF gas 6 cylinders etc.
  • Sensitivity: 3-5 PPM
  • Audible “Giger Counter” Like Signal & Visual Bar Graph
  • Inbuilt Micro Pump for Suction
  • Adjustable Sensitivity
  • Cordless Operation
  • Fast One Minute Automatic Warm Up
  • Battery operated
  • Flexible Pipe To Reach In Accessible Places.

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