Relay Repair Tool Kits
This tool kit has been provided with the tools selected to meet the maintenance requirement of Electro-mechanical Relays, Solid State Relays as well as for general purpose applications. The tool kit comprises 15 different special purpose tools including the following-
  • Grams Gauge (Contact Pressure Gauge)
  • Set of Ring Spanners and Box Spanners
  • Test Plugs with Link Plugs (optional)
  • Set of Screw Drivers 0BA to 10BA
  • Spring Setting Tool
  • Burnishing Tool
  • Contact Setting Tool
  • Torch & Inspection Mirror
  • Soldering iron with solder suction pump.
  • An Adjustable Spanner (Maximum opening 19mm)
  • A Box containing 6 pieces of Precision Screw Driver Set

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