PPM Meter (Karl Fischer Titrator)
Automatic Microprocessor Based Moisture Titrator (PPM Meter) Model VM-III is designed for accurate estimation of moisture in various samples.

The instrument works on Coulometric Principle. Water is titrated by electrolytic generation of Karl Fischer Reagent within the reaction vessel. It is equipped with a generator which generates the Karl Fischer Reagent in the titration cell itself to react with the moisture present in the sample The main unit of the equipment consists of a built-in magnetic stirrer, necessary controls and a microprocessor based circuitry of advanced type with feather touch membrane key pad. An Error Indicator indicates the defect in vessel charge or generator solution and electrodes if any. On entering the requisite data on the key pad and pressing the START key, the instrument performs all the functions automatically and presents the final result on the digital display in terms of total moisture in the sample in Milligrams or PPM or Percentage as desired. The VM-III requires no calibration or calculations of the Titre Factor and is always ready to accept the samples.
Range 1 to 500ppm
Sensitivity 1 ppm
Resolution 0.001mg. (1 micro grams) or 1ppm
Keypad 24 function keys allow entering sample weight & Density, extraction delay, solve blank etc., selects milligram or ppm or percentage of moisture
Display 6 digit, 7 segment led display
Sensor Dual Platinum Sensor
Power 230V +10%, 50hz 3%, 1 Phase AC
Application Suitable for transformer insulating oil, aviation fuel and petro- chemical industries etc., where very minute traces of moisture are required to be estimated

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