Portable Partial Discharge Detection and Localization System for Power Transformers
The AE-150 is used to detect and locate faults in power transformers.
Application and Operation
Powers transformers are critical to Transmissio n and Dist r ib ut io n substations. In fact, losing a unit can have a major financial consequence. To protect your investment, use Acoustic Emission Testing. This technique is superior to electric methods for on-site tests.

The AE-150 detects and locates Partial Discharges in power transformers. This is done by analyzing ultrasonic waves produced by a breakdown of the electrical insulation. The ultrasonic waves travel through the oil and strike the metallic shell of the transformer, providing the AE-150 with the signals needed to locate the problem.

The instrument is placed on the metallic surface with the help of the integrated magnetic attachment system. This system provides an easy way of moving the AE-150 to survey the entire transformer. The remote user interface and the RF communication system allow safe operation of the unit even in the most hostile environments.

Developed in partnership with Hydro- Quebec and IREQ, the AE-150 brings a high level of acoustic and electrical expertise in an easy-to-use and efficient product.
Key Features
A key feature of the AE-150 is t he cap ab i lit y to s y nc hr o n i ze a c o us t i c emission signals with the electric partial discharge signal. Powerful noise suppression is then achieved t h r o u g h a v e r a g i n g , increasing dramatically the probability of localization.
  • Portable unit
  • Very easy to install
  • Mirador Tx - Auto-Loc (automatic configuration and 3D positioning)
  • Monitoring capability
  • Simultaneous processing of AE and PD signals
  • Weather proof
  • Cable free
  • Wireless communication with PC and phase reference
Product Description
  • 4 Acoustic Emission Sensors to detect PD (mounted on the main unit as an ’’X’’ shape, with flexible arms for transformer tank shape adjustment)
  • 1 Synchronisation Channel to filter out external random noise
  • 1 conventional PD measurement channel (HFCT)
  • Magnetically mounted on the transformer tank
  • Phase synchronisation using RF communication
  • Wireless communication with Portable Computer
  • Mirador Tx software with Auto-Loc : Automatic mode for easy diagnostic
  • Manual mode for advanced users

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