Partial Discharge Scanner (PDS)
The PDS allows online partial discharge detection on underground cable accessories and equipment for security / maintenance purposes.
Insulation fault detection
Insulation faults are an important factor in degradation and reduction of the lifetime of an electrical joint. This translates into raised exploitation costs and questionable reliability, while economic performance and reliability are key criteria in the evaluation of an electricity supplier. It is important that an electric utility have a widespread, quick and efficient tool to check for quality and health of its electrical network.

The market's demands on electric utilities necessarily transfer to their subcontractors, who must comply with higher quality requirements for their work. Like the electric utility for which he works, the subcontractor that has tools allowing him to monitor and to certify the quality of his job will become an attractive and reliable choice.
Visual and audio indicators
The visual indicator is a bargraph with eight steps, each step corresponding to twice the intensity (6dB) of the previous level, for a total range from 6dB to 54dB. An audio indicator, the frequency of which is proportional to the displayed intensity, allows the user to locate any fault even if the handling conditions don't allow him/her to see the display.
Compact and practical tool
Small to ease access to all types of installations, the PDS can be handheld or manipulated with a hotstick depending on the situation. Obviously, along with strippers and insulated tools, it belongs in one’s toolkit, for everyday work.
  • Solid enclosure, CNC made in DelrinTM.
  • Small dimensions straight captor (2" x 1" x 1/8"), for precise pinpointing of partial discharges and easy access to constricted spaces.
  • The sensor is insulated by a Plastisol, which is also abrasion-resistant.
  • High frequency detection (100 MHz and more)
  • Audio indication corresponding to the level displayed
  • Intensity range: 0-54 dB
  • Sensibility: from 100 to 25 000 pC
  • Autonomy: 30 hours of use
  • Batteries: 4 AA size Alkaline batteries
  • Dual mode sensor, combining capacitive and inductive captors
  • Insulated manipulation stick (length: 12 inches each)
  • Nylon protective bag
  • Universal coupler for hotsticks

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