Hydrogen Gas Leak Detector
The DGC-250 is a portable battery operated solid state electronic Hydrogen Gas Leak Detector. The instrument provides a “Giger Counter” like tickling signal which increases in frequency as the source of Hydrogen gas is approached. The DGC-250 is excellent for pinpointing the location of Hydrogen gas leaks, as minute as 50-100ppm. It comes with carrying case, rechargeable batteries, battery charger and sensor type PGC. The DGC-250 is not intrinsically safe for use in Class-I Atmosphere. It is suitable for Hydrogen cooled generators, Hydrogen Plants, H Gas Cylinders and H gas pipe lines.
  • Sensitivity: 50 -100PPM
  • Audible “Giger Counter” Like Signal
  • Adjustable Sensitivity
  • Cordless Operation
  • Fast One Minute Automatic Warm Up
  • Inbuilt Rechargeable Battery operated
  • Low Battery Indicator
  • Flexible Pipe To Reach In Accessible Places.

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