High Voltage AC/DC Testing Kits
HV Testing Kits are used for testing of Motors, Generators, Switchgears, Cables, Transformers and other electrical equipment. These are used for testing & commissioning of HV electrical equipment.
INPUT 240V, 50Hz, 1 Phase AC
OUTPUT 0-300KV AC (in various ratings – 25KV, 50KV, 75KV, 100KV, 150KV, 200KV & 300KV AC)

0-700KV DC (in various ratings – 25KV, 50KV, 60KV, 90KV, 100KV, 150KV, 300KV, 400KV, 500KV, 700KV DC)
KVA/CURRENT RATINGS Available in various ratings
PROTECTIONS 6 types of inbuilt protections are provided for the safety of operator and equipment under test
The High Voltage AC/DC Test Sets are available in customized ratings also..
Other Options Available in Our High Voltage Testing Kits
Automated Controls
The Controls are automated microprocessor based which controls the operation of the equipment. Front Backlit LCD Display integrates all the meters and also displays the status of tests. The test programming is done via menu driven user interface.
High Voltage Testing Cables & Connectors
Special HV, Low Capacitance flexible cables rated for 75KV, 100KV, 120KV & 300KV are available. These cables are highly flexible screened type which ensures highly safe testing environment. The screen of these cables are at earth potential Special connectors are also available along with the cables to suit a wide variety of test requirements.
35KV AC/ 90KV DC HV Unit Automated Control Panel With LCD Display and User Interface For 150KV Test Transformer 150KV AC PD Free Test Transformer

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