Grounding Jumper Assembly Tester
The GET-401 is an easy-to-use and accurate Grounding Jumper Tester using an exclusive technique.
  • Guarantees your Protective Ground Set integrity
  • Exclusive measurement technique including clamps contact evaluation
  • Works with Duck Bills, ``C`` clamps, ball socket clamps, flat jaw clamps
  • Adaptable to other type of clamps or connectors
  • Full automatic, microprocessor based
  • One reading, no calculation required
  • Portable, battery operation
  • 4 digit display for high precision
Technical Specifications
  • Precision: 0,1 % of the reading
  • Measurement Range: 1μΩ to 200Ω
  • Resolution 4 numbers
  • AA Batteries included
  • Display: Liquid crystal 128 x 64 dots, 2 back-light intensities
The GET-401 to read the Personal Grounding Set resistance uses the four terminal measurement method.

The GET-401 exclusive design uses test rods that are connected to the ndb Technologie DRM-1A micro ohmmeter in a manner to provide you with ``point to point`` results. Measures include the clamps contact point. Clean, low resistance connections are a must, changes in the value of a low resistance element are one of the best and quickest indications of degradation taking place between two contact points.
The DRM-40 uses a four-pin resistance measurement system which consists of injecting a current with two cables connected at each end of the joint to be tested. Then, the cables are installed which allow reading the tension on each side of the part to be tested in order to measure the resistance. This eliminates any uncertainty linked to resistance of the contacts. The instrument is equipped with a microprocessor which eliminates gaps and parasite voltages. Thanks to its unique filtering system, the DRM-40 can be used in spite of the presence of intense magnetic fields.

The DRM-1A micro-ohmmeter used to measure the Protective Grounding Set resistance is microprocessor controlled without any required adjustment.

The GET-401 allows measuring the personal protective grounding sets including the clamps surface contacts resistance. The GET-401 tells you when clamps cleaning are required. The use of the included torque wrench provides constant readings.

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