Current Transformer Tester
The CTTx2 & CTTx5 are rugged and easy to use current transformer testers, that offers Automatic & Manual testing modes. These instruments are designed to deliver fast and reliable measurements.

Current transformer testing is an important part of the commissioning and maintenance of power systems. Protective relays can only operate adequately, under normal & fault conditions, if they receive the correct secondary current from the current transformaers. Therefore accurate CT testing to evaluate their performance under all conditions is essential to assure reliable operation of the protection system.
  • CT Saturation/Excitation.
  • CT Ratio, Polarity & Phase angle.
  • CT Winding Resistance.
  • CT Insulation Resistance.
  • CT Burden.
CTT's Highlights
  • High resolution color display allows operator to create and save repeatable test plans
  • All tests are preformed in automatic sequence without the need for operator intervention
  • Rugged design to meet the most demanding field testing environments.
  • Large internal memory (200 testing files whers each can have of up to 10 excitation curves & 140 Test plans files)
  • All CT nameplate and equipment details are stored with the test result file.
  • Built-in thermal Printer
  • QWERTY keyboard for easy on site data entry
  • 2000VAC Saturation test voltage with knee point voltage markers (ANSI 10/50, IEC 60044, IEEE30 & IEEE45)
  • Fast full testing operation Manual mode is available for trouble shooting and special diagnostic testing.
  • Burden mode makes it possible to analyze the secondary circuit connected to the CT
  • Test plans are created on the instrument or from the PC software
  • Convenient Intergrated test leads storage compartment
  • Automatic test report
  • User selectable time duration for insulation resistance test (5 to 100 Sec)

The CTT will test the Current Transformer Ratio, Phase shift, Polarity, Excitation, Saturation, Winding resistance and Winding Insulation resistance using the voltage method in compliance with ANSI/IEEE C57.13.1 & IEC 60044-1 standards, where voltage is applied to the secondary X terminals of the current transformer. The CTT Burden test injects a current into the secondary loop to verify the integrity of the current circuit and to determine its impedance This information is required to insure the CTT willperform under all circumstances. The CTT can be operated in a stand-alone or in a PC-controlled mode.

  • Included PC Software for data transfer & analysis, Test plan creation & *remote control operation.
  • PC interface: RS-232C, & USB.
  • Data storage in internal memory and USB Flash drive.
  • Waterproof housing/case with wheels and retractable handle
  • 20ft(6m) "X" & 35ft(10m) "H" cables.
  • CTTx2 = 2 Tap connectors(X1-X2)
  • CTTx5 = 2 Tap connectors(X1-X5)
Technical Specifications :
Power Input 115 / 230Vac ± 10% 50∕60 Hz
Voltage Output 0-50V / 0-200V / 0-600V @ 2A
0-1200V @ 1.5A, 0-2000V@ 1.2A
Voltage Reading In Tree range up to 1999,9V ± 0.1%
Current Reading 0-1.9999A RMS ± 0.5%
Ratio and Accuracy 0.6-1000 :1 ± 0.5%; 1000-2000 :1 ± 0.5%; 2000-5000 :1 ±1%; 5000-10000 :1 ±1%
Measurement Method ANSI ∕ IEEE C57.13.1, IEC-60044-1
Phase Angle 0-360.0 degrees ± 1 degree
Winding Resistance 0-1.9999 ohms ± 1%, 2-19.999 ohms ± 1%
Insulation Resistance 2-500 Mohms @ (500 VDC or 1000 VDC user se-lectable), ±3%
Current Source 0-20A @ 20Vac Cont.
Current source display 19.999Arms ±1% 19.999Vrms ± 1%, 1mohm to 1000 ohms
Data Storage Up to 200 test files with up to 10 excitation curves per file
Test Plans Up to 140 plans
Display 5.4’’ color LCD (daylight viewable)
Printer 40 characters, 3.12inch(80mm) commercial thermal paper, paper support
Housing Rugged, waterproof when close with wheels and retractable extension handle.
Environmental Operating -10 to 50 C
  Storage : -20 to 80 C
  Relative humidity : 0-95%, non-condensing
PC Connection USB, RS-232C, USB Memory Stick
Dimensions 22.06" x 17.93" x 10.43" (56 x 45.5 x 26.5 cm)
Weight 50 lbs (22 Kg)
Memory Stick 100 MB+
Standard CE compliance : EN61010, EN61326
Optional Equipment
CTT Shipping Case
CTT Printer paper roll
Specific custom-made test clips
Specific Custom length test leads

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