Breaker Tester (SA 100s)
In response to demands for safer and more convenient methods of training & demonstrating circuit breaker testing, Weis has developed the SS100 portable Switchgear Simulator. It is used to simulate the basic functions of a power breaker with operate coils, timing contacts and motion sensor.

When used in conjunction with the Weis SA100, SA100R, SA100RS or SA100S switchgear analyser / breaker tester, a variety of things can be performed including coil operation, current measurement, main contact timing, resistive contact timing, travel and velocity measurements, trip free testing, dynamic timing with both ends earthed, parallel contact switching resistor measurement.
Simulation of contact timing is made with 3 Main and 3 Resistive breaks (1 main / resistive break per phase).

Breaker motion / travel simulation is provided using a slide-wire transducer.

One set of trip and close coils with protection are simulated.
Simulated Contacts
Main 3 x volt-free contact outputs for simulation of 1 main contact per phase.
Resistive: 3 x volt-free contact outputs for simulation of 1 resistive contact per phase.
Connectors: 4mm safety socket.
Simulated Coils
Coil Operation: Volt-Free pulsed contact inputs required for open (trip) and close.
Coil Peak Current: 1.4A DC.
Coil Voltage: 12V DC, fused.
Protection: Inhibit / Enable of each coil circuit to prevent continuous or simultaneous operation of coils.
Connectors: 4mm safety socket.
Simulated Travel / Motion
Resolution: 12 bit A/D (1:4096) and 10 kHz sampling rate.
Recording Time: Selectable up to 1 seconds.
Synchronisation: All inputs sampled simultaneously
Start Trigger: Coil current or selectable on any digital input.
General System
Backlit 4 line x 40 character LCD display. Built in printer. Alpha / numeric keypad. RJ45 network port. RS232 serial port.

Audible buzzer. Safety keyswitch to enable / disable coil operation. PS2 socket. VGA port.
Real-Time Clock
Range: Time, date, leap year and day of the year with internal battery backup. 100mS resolution.
Programming - Settable Parameters
User strings: Site name, breaker number, breaker type, line name and operator name.
Test times: Close, Open, Trip Free, Close-Open, Open Close, Open-Close-Open.
Coil operate times: Initial delay, trip coil “on-time”, close coil “on-time”, delay time between closing and opening, delay time between opening and closing.
Computed Results
Up to a sequence of 3 operations detailing 3-phase information: Peak coil current, operate times and operate time spread (main / resistive), bounce time.
Operating Voltages
Prime Power: 100 to 370V DC, 90 to 264V AC auto-sensing via IEC power connection. Burden <20 VA.
Operating Temperature: -20ºC to +70ºC (-4ºF to +158ºF)
Humidity: 0 to 97% RH non-condensing.
Isolation: 2kV rms for 1 minute (channel to channel, channel to earth).
Surge Withstand Transient: To IEC 801-5. 1.2/50mS. Common Mode: Severity level class 4. Series Mode: Severity level class 3.
Fast Transient Burst: To IEC 801-4 level 3.
RFI Immunity: To IEC801-3 level 3. 10V/m 26-1000MHz.
Emissions: To EN50081-1: 1992.
Mechanical Details
Enclosure: Reinforced aluminium, 370mm(W) x 245mm(H) x 180mm(D).
Weight: <4kg.

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