Arrestors Default Detector
The ADD has been designed to detect arresters’ internal / external partial discharge (arcing or sparking) that are the cause of power line TV and radio interference. We developed a contact method using ultra wide band radio frequency detection technology. It is used on energized lines.
Save time and money
It is not possible to locate the specific defective arrester, causing RFI, using directional radio finding equipment. With the ADD, change only the defective arrester. The ADD identifies the defective arrester, in a standard 3- phase overhead installation, that cause TV and radio interference. It avoids replacing non-defective arresters in the top of the pole identified by a RFI locator.
Be proactive
Using the ADD on a day to day maintenance work to test the arresters when work are performed on any apparatus close by arresters will help you to prevent customers complains and costly investigation to identify the source of TV and radio interference.
Easy to use
The ADD is easy to use and provides with a go/no go indication giving line personnel the ability to make immediate decisions in the field. In operation, the ADD is placed in contact with the energized cable near by the arrester to be tested. When you turn on the ADD the on/off light is slow blinking. Then, manage to touch the energized cable as close as possible of the arrester to be tested using the hook termination. The on/off light is steady when the line voltage is detected. The Red Zone Light when ON indicates partial discharge or sparking internally or on the surface of the arrester. There is also an audible alarm when a default is detected. It is easily operated by one person.
  • Three level default indication.
  • Two zones (scales of default).
  • Visual and audible indication.
  • Built-in universal hotstick adaptor.
  • Powered by 9V alkaline battery.
  • Carrying case included.
  • All-Check self-test for verifying proper operation prior to use.
  • Low battery indication.
  • Lightweight design.
  • Special shape for HV equipment live contact.
Optional Remote Display
  • Wireless Communication link with the ADD
  • dB relative value Display
  • Dynamic range of 0-60 dB

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