Technology for the Powerful

Technology Products was incorporated in 1988 for design, manufacture and commissioning of Electrical Testing, Measuring and Electrical Safety Equipment up to 800KV. Primarily aimed as import substitution unit, Technology Products has developed a number of testing equipment for the first time in the country. Our products are highly reliable and are being used for testing, commissioning and maintenance of vital equipment at projects of National importance.

With the rapid industrialization and electrification, the demand of the electrical testing, commissioning and electrical safety equipment has increased manifolds. Today all successful industries depend on the reliability of power supply. If the commissioning in the beginning and the testing and maintenance later on is carried out in a systematic way, most of the problems are eliminated and break downs avoided to a large extent. This requires availability of good quality and reliable testing equipment.

We supply complete range of Electrical Testing, Measuring and Electrical Safety equipment that consists of :

Products manufactured by us.
Products imported from our principal abroad.
Products manufactured as per our specifications by our associates.

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